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Susana Giménez opened the debate, Is Uruguay really more expensive than Miami?

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A price comparison with one of the most expensive cities in the world as Miami with Uruguayspecifically east pointIt would seem something unthinkable, however, the compared prices can surprise you.

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This week, the famous Argentine host Susana Gimenezhe returned to his opinion on the economy – he had previously classified the neighboring country as “Argenzuela” comparing it with Venezuela – by saying that in Uruguay he spends more money in Miami. Currently, the diva lives in Punta del Este, in her house “La Mary”, since the mandatory quarantine was installed in Argentina in 2020 during the pandemic.

Last year, the United States suffered a year-on-year inflation rate of 6.5%, something unusual in the country and whose main factor is the delays caused by the pandemic. On the other hand, in Uruguay, an interannual rate of 8.3% was reached.

rent an apartment

As for housing, renting a two-bedroom apartment for four people in Miami is 2600 dollars monthly (80% of the minimum wage for an American) according to the RealtyHop website. In Uruguay, for its part, specifically in maldonadoaccording to the Argenprop platform, the price is $2,500 per yearwhich means $98,075 per year and $8,172 per month.

How much does it cost to fill the tank of the car?

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Gasoline is, without a doubt, much more expensive in Uruguay than in the city of Miami, since, while filling the tank in the US city costs 55 dollarsabout $2,157.54 for your part, if the prices in the city of Montevideo are taken, filling the tank costs 85 dollars, that is, about 3,300 Uruguayan pesos.

The supermarket

In the food sector is where Uruguay can say that it is much cheaper than Miami. A basic purchase for a week in the country costs approximately 60 dollars, equivalent to 2,360 Uruguayan pesos, while in the US city food prices per week are 399 dollars, about $15,700. In the sum of a full month, Miami is around 1,596 dollars, about 62,801 Uruguayan pesos, while in Uruguay it is 173 dollars, about $6,800.


Regarding services, Miami has the advantage that it is one of the cheapest states in the United States in terms of service costs. On average, the cost of waterthe electricity and the garbage collection costs, on average, about 141 dollars, to which, if you add internet, it would be 221 dollars approximately 8696 Uruguayan pesos. In Uruguay, for its part, the same services, including internet, cost $2,346, equivalent to 60 dollars.


Eating out does not have much difference between Miami and the most exclusive city in Uruguay, east pointsince in the American city an average of a dinner, not including wine, costs approximately 60 dollars for two people, about 2,360 Uruguayan pesos. In Punta del Este, for its part, eating at a grill costs approximately 2,160 Uruguayan pesos, that is, $54.

Source: Ambito

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