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Good weather forecast for spring runners

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Ideal running conditions should prevail on Sunday at the Florian Spring Run.
Photo: Erwin Pils/ASKÖ Tri Run
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Sun and clouds as well as temperatures around ten degrees – these prospects make the organizers of the Florian spring run on March 12th presented by the OÖN optimistic that there will be many late registrations. “We are prepared for this and still have enough start numbers available,” says organizer Ewald Tröbinger, chairman of ASKÖ Tri Linz.

Late registrations for the 22nd edition of the popular running event – ​​the main run is five or ten kilometers – are possible on Sunday from 7.30 a.m. to one hour before the start in the new middle school.

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The children’s runs start at 10.30 a.m., from 11 a.m. the main runs start over one or laps through the community. Tröbinger would be satisfied with 300 active players, which would be significantly more than last year. At the best of times, i.e. before Corona, 500 to 600 runners started at the Florian Spring Run. It will probably take a long time to reach this level again.

Basically, however, people are satisfied with the March date because it also appeals to active people who want to prepare for the Linz Marathon, which this year, as usual, will take place in spring (April 16). But you have to live with the fact that those who are interested will make a decision later and also have an eye on the weather forecast. But, as mentioned, it looks quite passable for this Sunday.

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