Difficult for the pig to whistle

Difficult for the pig to whistle

“It’s hard for the pig to whistle,” he replied when asked about the trade agreement with the power. “Something can come out with Mercosur now that Lula is here,” he reflected in a dialogue with Radio Sarandí.

Mujica insisted on the need to present itself strong regionally and assured that beyond the differences that one may have with partners, “the world must come out in a bar and have a position.”

The former president and figure of the opposition broad front highlighted the agreements reached by the government of Luis Lacalle Pou with Lula da Silva in Brazil, cataloged by the executive as the most important in recent years.

“For me it is no surprise. I had said it, I talked about it with Lula in my house, ”she maintained. “Here they were waiting for me to win Bolsonaro because they have a bucket on their head, Lula is much more open”.

In addition, he agreed with Lacalle Pou regarding the idea of ​​a single currency in it mercosur that promote Brazil and Argentina. “I don’t know if it’s crazy, it’s impossible right now due to the brutal asymmetry of the economies,” she considered.

Instead, the former president proposed that the central banks officiate as arbitrators in commercial exchanges in local currencies. “Brazil is doing that with Paraguayanbecause we can do it, because in any case the inflation rates they are averaged and calculated”, he assured.

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