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The BPS may extend the maturities of rural contributions for 12 months

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This week the Senate voted on this measure that aims to continue helping the agricultural sector that, even though there is rain, will have a difficult winter.

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He Senate voted to enable the Social Welfare Bank (BPS) can extend by 12 months the due dates of the contributions for the rural sector; According to Sergio Botana, a senator for the National Party, it is necessary to continue supporting the countryside because the drought will leave scars that will not go away no matter how much it rains.

“People have to know that the drought doesn’t end when it starts to rain; it does not rain grass“said the senator for the National Party, Sergio Botanain the radio program, Value Added, regarding the difficulties that are going through all the agricultural sectors of the Uruguay.

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This week, the Senate voted to authorize an extension for 12 more months of the due dates of the contributions for the rural sector. From there, the Social Welfare Bank (BPS) will decide how many months they will give the producers. Previously, Botana recalled, the possibility of another extension had been enabled, due to the initiative of the white senator, Sebastian da Silva.

Botana recalled that the drought leaves scars on the soil and that the government must take charge of helping producers. You will have to spend on supplementation, you will have to wait and see how quickly the fields react where it rains. They will feel it income and expenses of rural establishments, so nothing more opportune”, pointed out the senator.

On the other hand, Botana clarified that, although the deadlines are extended, it is necessary to present the relevant documentation. “You don’t have to pay fines or surcharges, but the documentation must be presented anyway,” he remarked.

Mattos confirmed it

The minister of Livestock, Agriculture and Fishing (MGAP), fernando mattosassured that several of the agricultural producers “they’re going to have a pretty rough time” during the winter. In addition to the current climatic emergency due to water deficit, which had a full impact on stocks of fodder for animal consumption, the alarm situation that the country is going through due to the detection of foci of avian flu, and the expected seasonal frosts that , as expected, will continue to punish national crops.

Source: Ambito

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