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Spain confirmed the extradition of the doctor who advised torture during the dictatorship

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Carlos Américo Suzacq is accused of serious injuries and deprivation of liberty classified as crimes against humanity.

Photo: EFE

The National Court of Spain confirmed this Thursday the extradition of the doctor Carlos Americo Suzacqclaimed by Uruguay for advising soldiers in interrogations in a detention center for Montevideo between 1972 and 1985, during the dictatorship.

The magistrates rejected the appeal presented by the defendant, after in January the court agreed to his extradition for crimes of serious injury and deprivation of liberty classified as It hurts humanityreported the EFE agency.

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They state that, although the crime against humanity for which he is claimed was not criminalized in Spain until 2004, the facts, due to the date they occurred, would be classified as crimes of illegal detention and injuries of the Penal Code of 1973, but they make that decision in attention to the “extraordinary seriousness of the facts”.

The Spanish National Court recalled that the persecution and punishment of those who committed crimes against humanity “is in the interest of the entire international community.”

For its part, the doctor’s defense considered in his appeal that the principle of legality had been violated, by granting extradition for crimes that would be prescribed and for not having a minimally solid account of the facts object of imputation.

In this case, according to the order, Uruguay expressly expressed willingness to pursue and punish him and for this requested Spain’s extradition.

Today’s order has the particular vote of two magistrates, who defend that the facts would constitute illegal detention and injuries in accordance with Spanish law, for which reason they would have prescribed, and furthermore, they consider that there is no seriousness of the facts that justify waiving the prescription.

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