The approval of the economic management fell again and is 37%

The approval of the economic management fell again and is 37%

In the first half of last year it was 40%. However, an important percentage considers that the economic situation of the country is not the responsibility of the government.

He 37% of the Uruguayan population approves of the economic management of the government of Luis Lacalle Pou, according to the latest survey of February of this year by Opción Consultores. It is a continuation of the slight but progressive decline, given that the same variable comes from a 40% in the first semester 2022 and 38% in the second semester.

Those 37 percentage points are made up of a 31% who consider it “good” and a 6% that qualifies her as “very good”. In turn, it contrasts 31% who consider it “bad” or “very bad” –21% and 10% respectively–.


The result is a slightly positive gap of 6 percentage points. “This slight positive balance has been very stable from the second half of 2021 onwards. It is also verified that said balance coexists with a diagnosis of economic context between cautious and moderately pessimisticwhere only one 29% believes that the economic situation of the country is very good or good”, expressed the consultant in its analysis.

Meanwhile, in the comparison of indicators, it is observed that approval in economic management is higher than economic optimism regarding the situation of the country, something that could be related “to the fact that it continues to be a minority (25%) the percentage of the population that considers the government as the main responsible of the economic problems that the country is experiencing.


In addition, the percentage of approval in the economic management is presented as lower than that of the management in general (43%), although a growing convergence between both variables is observed.

The positions regarding economic management according to each space

The differences in perspective between the voters of the government coalition and those of the Broad Front (FA) they are very marked. Between the sympathizers with the ruling partyalmost two out of three describes economic management as “very good” or “good” and only one defines it as “bad” or “very bad”.

The situation in the Frente Amplio electorate is totally inverse: only the 7% approve management of the economy and the percentage of disapproval reach the 56%

Source: Ambito

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