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Up and down in temperatures with sometimes heavy rain

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High and medium-high cloud fields are moving Monday from the west and keep slowing down the sun noticeably. In the north and east it will also be cloudy for a few hours, and from the Innviertel region to the greater Vienna area it can dribble or light rain again. In the afternoon at the latest, however, the sun will prevail in the west, and finally the sun can briefly appear again in the far east. The wind will be weak to moderate from the south-east to the south-west, in the mountains and in the extreme east there will be a brisk, foehn southerly wind. The early temperatures at the start of the week are minus three to plus five degrees, the maximum daily temperatures are twelve to 20 degrees.

An Italian low and a cold front from the northwest bring on Tuesday mostly dense clouds and often rain throughout the country. During the day, the snow line will slowly drop to 1,500 meters above sea level and from the west it will drop to around 1,000 meters from the afternoon. Only in the far east and south-east will it be partly cloudy at the beginning with a few rays of sunshine before the rain clouds cloud the sky. In some areas, the wind blows from the south, later mostly from the west to north-west. After early temperatures of two to ten degrees, the maximum daily temperatures end at seven to 14 degrees.

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With the high-level current turning to the north-west and the inflow of cold air masses, the Wednesday on the north side of the Alps the clouds and here as well as generally in the north snow showers are becoming more and more frequent during the day, in traffic jams it sometimes snows longer. In the east and south, on the other hand, residual clouds from the retreating fault zone often break up in the morning and here there is an alternation of sun and clouds. The wind blows moderately to briskly, in the east also strongly from west to north-west. The morning temperatures reach minus three to plus five degrees, the maximum daily temperatures four to eleven degrees.

At the Thursday mostly sunny weather prevails. Only occasionally a few high and medium-high cloud fields move across the sky from the west and temporarily cloud the sunshine. The wind will be weak to moderate and turn east to south everywhere, with morning temperatures of minus six to plus one degree and maximum daily temperatures of seven to twelve degrees.

In large parts of the country, am Friday nice and partly sunny weather. A screen of high cloud fields can also cloud the sunlight noticeably, the sky appears milky-white in many places. The wind usually blows only weakly, but in the mountains and in the eastern lowlands, brisk winds from the southeast to the south freshen up. Geosphere Austria predicts the early temperatures at minus six to plus three degrees, the maximum daily temperatures at ten to 17 degrees, with the highest values ​​on the slightly foehn north side of the Alps.

  • The current weather forecast for your region can be found at nachrichten.at/wetter

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