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found 10 more cases in Montevideo chickens

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He Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries detected new cases of bird flu in the area of The monarchin the department of Montevideo and again insisted on the recommendations and measures taken in mid-February to prevent the spread of the disease in birds.

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The General Directorate of Livestock Services of the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries (MGAP), confirmed the presence of bird flu in 10 chickens in the Monarch area after a report of mortality of these animals. From the institution they remarked that they carried out an intervention where the corresponding protocol was applied for this type of case.

On the other hand, in the Cerro area in Montevideo, a suspected case of bird flu was also detected, but it turned out to be negative after processing the corresponding PCR tests. In addition, they remarked that these works were carried out in conjunction with the Ministry of Social Development of Uruguay (MEDES) and the Ministry of Interior.

What measures does the health emergency imply in the country?

The state of health emergency means, first of all, reinforcing border controls to prevent the entry and exit of new cases to the countries of the region, which are also beginning to report the first infections —such is the case of, for example, Argentina, which also detected cases yesterday, in Jujuy, after bolivian reported the presence of bird flu in its territory last week.

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Likewise, the exceptional status restricts all movements within the national territory of backyard birds —roosters, hens, chickens, and geese raised in home coops or backyards—and birds not controlled through the Poultry Monitoring System. And backyard birds and those that make up the Free Range production system must be housed in closed facilities with a roof in compliance with the Avian Influenza Contingency Manual approved in 2022.

In parallel, in addition, all fairs, auctions, exhibitions and events related to the avian species were suspended, with legal sanctions for those who fail to comply with this or any of the decreed measures.

On the other hand, the markets will remain open since the H5 Avian Influenza virus is not spread through the consumption of meat and eggs.

Although the objective is to avoid a crisis situation in commercial farms and production centers, the MGAP is also evaluating the possibility of assisting with a compensation fund to producers who, if necessary, must carry out a controlled slaughter of production animals that become infected.

What are the symptoms in birds?

Among the symptoms that the disease presents are: rapid death of birds, ruffled plumage, edema on the head (swollen head), diarrhea, sudden decrease in posture, production of deformed eggs with soft or thin shells, respiratory problems, panting, cough, conjunctivitis, ocular and nasal secretions, sinusitis, suffocation, incoordination, tremors, eye and head movements, paralysis and convulsions, according to data from the MGAP.

There is no cure for bird flu, so once animals are infected, they must be culled to prevent the spread of the virus.

Source: Ambito

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