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“I had to learn to see that sometimes nothing goes on”

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With joy at work
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He began as a civil servant at the Moserhof, a Caritas location “invitation”and discovered his there “job for life”: Lukas Kasbauer (24) from Diersbach now accompanies in the ability-oriented activity of “invitation” in Waldkirchen on the essence of mentally handicapped people.

In the former carpentry shop in Wimm, which was rented by Caritas, 22 people are currently finding individual employment opportunities. The trained car mechanic Lukas Kasbauer switched to the social sector for health reasons: he was on as part of his community service at Moserhof “invitation” caught on: “I liked my community service so much that I stayed”says the 24-year-old.

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So he started at Caritas as a foundation intern and completed two years of training to become a social worker for disabled people while working. Now he works with people with autism, schizophrenia or borderline. He supports them in the wood workshop, does repair work and accompanies people on excursions.

“I get so much joy back. It is important to me to bring out the talents, skills and knowledge that they have”says Kasbauer. “A customer in the workshop, for example, has a great deal of technical understanding. That’s why I work a lot with him in the workshop here.” The young man from the Innviertel had to get used to other goals in the social sector. “I come from a technical profession and I’m used to things having to go further. But people have different daily constitutions. They’re not always in a good mood. You have to learn to see that sometimes nothing goes forward.”

A positive attitude is important. “Bad moods would be passed on. People feel a lot. The challenge is to find out what is bothering them and why they are behaving this way. You have to deal with everyone differently. With one you can joke around, some like physical contact, others you mustn’t touch on the shoulder.”

During his training, Lukas Kasbauer came up with something special for a project: he started doing welding work with Mario, who used to be a locksmith: “Now Mario even works once or twice a week as an integrative employee in the Sigö locksmith shop in Michaelnbach.” “Invita” is looking for more helpers and employees, information on Tel.: 07717 7840.

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