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Success for drug investigators in Wels and Linz

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Investigations against cocaine scene
Image: Symbolic photo: APA
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The 59-year-old is said to have communicated very intensively with his customers, at least the evaluation of the mobile phone brought the urgent suspicion to light. The 59-year-old Welser was arrested in August last year, and numerous suspected cocaine buyers have now been identified. According to a press report from the State Police Directorate, they were questioned and most of them confessed. In total, it should be about 600 grams of cocaine.

A lively drug trade could also be uncovered in the district of Linz Land. The officials originally went to the apartment in Traun to settle a dispute. But there, a strong smell of marijuana reached their nostrils. During the subsequent voluntary inspection, 400 grams of herbal cannabis, hash biscuits, so-called “magic mushrooms” and almost 1000 euros in cash were secured.

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The 23-year-old homeowner was proven to have sold around 1.1 kilograms of cannabis. Another accomplice and numerous customers of the alleged dealer were also investigated.

Source: Nachrichten

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