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Steyr and its treasures can be enjoyed with one ticket

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With the museum ticket you can explore many exhibitions and galleries in the city for a month.
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One ticket, ten exhibitions, twelve euros: This is the short formula for a special cultural offer. From April 1st to 30th you can explore Steyr’s museums and galleries. The museum ticket opens not only the big houses but also lesser-known exhibitions.

“I would like to thank everyone for the good and uncomplicated cooperation. This major cultural offensive is a sign of the liveliness and diversity of our city,” says Steyr City Councilor for Culture Katrin Auer (SP).

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The project was initiated by the Steyr Tourism Association together with the City Museum and the Working World Museum. “Locals and guests alike benefit from this offer,” says tourism director Eva Pötzl.

The city museum in the Innerberger Stadel tells the history of Eisenstadt and presents important Steyr personalities and their living environments. Short films, listening stations or the free audio guide allow you to immerse yourself in the exhibition.

The World of Work Museum lures visitors into the weir ditch with two exhibitions and the tunnel of remembrance. In “Future Food: Food for the world of tomorrow” you follow the path of the food from the barn or field to the table. It is about food security and ecologically sustainable consumption. The contemporary art exhibition “Bodies of Work” by Katharina Gruzei deals with changes in industrial production using the example of the last Danube shipyard in Linz. The history of Steyr at the time of National Socialism is the subject of the exhibition “Forced Labor and Concentration Camps” in the Gallery of Remembrance.

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The Steyrdorf Gallery, managed by Erich Fröschl, celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2023. Works by the three artists can be seen under the title “Trionale-Printgraphik. Anzinger-Mostböck-Fröschl”. The exhibition in the castle gallery “Anzinger meets Mostböck” offers a comparison of these two artists on the common theme “Humans”. The Karl Mostböck Archive (Berggasse 4) looks after the estate of the artist who died ten years ago. Every Thursday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. and by appointment, experts bring the artist closer to his work.

Two weeks before Easter, the crib exhibition opens in the former palm house in the castle park. In addition to the two large nativity scenes and historical nativity figures, Lenten nativity scenes from Haslach can be admired. There are hands-on stations for families. A special feature is the collection of the master nativity scene builder Paul Pfaffenbichler, who died in 2013, with 700 Christmas and Easter nativity scenes from four centuries.

The Iron Clock Museum on the Grünmarkt, owned by the goldsmith and master clockmaker Friedrich Schmollgruber, who died last year, is an insider tip. Every Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. in April, Wolfgang Hack will guide interested parties through the collection of Gothic tower clocks, small house clocks, iron clocks made in Steyr and much more. Also little known is the history of the privileged, uniformed and armed citizen corps.

The Museum Ticket is now available in the Tourist Info Steyr, in the Steyr City Museum and in the Museum of Working World.

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