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Wollgartl and Woigartl: brewery tour and felt exhibition

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Elizabeth Schiemer
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Wollgartl and Woigartl Bräu invite you to an open day in Schalchen (Oberharlochen 6) next Saturday from 10 a.m. under the motto “Verfuzt und z’sammbraut”.

There the “Schiemers” have created a real gem with Woigartl-Bräu, guest garden, Bräustüberl, farm shop and their own farm.

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During several guided tours, Alexander Schiemer shows his small brewery, which he only put into operation a few years ago. The visit on Saturday is part of the program of the Innviertler Beer March. Elisabeth Schiemer, the mother of the creative brewer, restaurateur and farmer, presents her felt exhibition on Saturday and Sunday.

“We’ve had sheep for 36 years, I did my first felting course in 1990. Since then I’ve fallen in love with felting,” says the 68-year-old with a laugh. When asked what is special about it for her, Schiemer replies: “I can make the most amazing things from the wool of our sheep without any major tools. No other wool craft is so versatile.”

Schiemer, who handed over the farm to her son eight years ago and registered the handicraft business, has prepared hand-felted pictures, bags, accessories, gifts and decorative items for the exhibition.

“I process all the wool from our sheep into creative, unique products that are sold in the newly designed farm shop or, in some cases, at markets or trade fairs,” says Schiemer, who also offers felting courses herself. The upcoming dates: April 21st and May 5th.

More information is available online at www.wollgartl.at and under www.woigartlbraeu.at

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