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“Falcon” and “Freddie Mercury” appear in Steyr

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Axel Herrig and Sascha Lien at the premiere of “Falcon meets Queen”
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If you swapped your e-guitar for a harp high above the clouds and grabbed grand pianos, that also has its advantages. You can fly anywhere. Axel Herrig and Sascha Lien are at the music festival with their concert show “Falcon meets Queen” for the premiere on July 20th on the stage of the Schlossgraben. Director Karl-Michael Ebner emphasizes that the production flown to him is not an artistic emergency landing of the festival. Although there are only four days of rehearsals and resident director Susanne Sommer is on a break this year, he has it together with Lien and Herrig, who are the rock stars again “Falcon” and “Freddie Mercury” give, from the classics “rock Me Amadeus” until “We are the champions” wrote a completely new piece for Steyr. “That’s how it was on the Peter Alexander show”he says, “Peter Alexander is on stage as usual, but episode twelve is completely different from episode eleven.”

In any case, Herrig, a colleague of Ebner’s at the Volksoper, and Lien can draw on a wealth of experience as the characters of the super-cool Viennese and lascivious London rock idols. The motive that two musical geniuses who had never met in earthly life then make heavenly music together is not new. Johann Hölzel already impersonated one of the two main roles in the musical “Falco meets Amadeus” at the beginning of the millennium in the Deutsches Theater in Munich and in the Theater des Westens in Berlin. Together with Sascha Lien, who was personally chosen by Queen guitarist Brian May for the leading role in the internationally acclaimed hit musical “We Will Rock You” was selected in 2007, he then had 2016 in the Congress Centrum Ulm with the revue “Falcon meets Queen” Premiere.

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The Steyr Music Festival also used the poster motifs from back then with their shimmer and glitter for the summer production. Ebner knows that choosing the program this year is a particular challenge. The homage to the music of Falco and Freddie Mercury is a plowed field. Last October, Herrig and Lien gave guest performances with an orchestral version “Falcon meets Mercury” at a concert show organized by the Lions Club in the Melodium in Peuerbach. In Steyr, the music of the two rock giants is to be re-merged. “It’s going to be a whole new piece”promises Ebner.

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