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The Spanish League, the first protest against the new FIFA World Cup

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“FIFA continues its malpractice of making unilateral decisions on the world football calendar, showing complete disregard for the importance of national championships, and the football community in general.”, said the Spanish League in a statement. At its 73rd Congress, held in Kigali, Rwanda, FIFA announced today that the 2026 World Cup will feature 48 teams divided into 12 groups, in a tournament that will play a record 104 matches. He also informed that the new Club World Cup will be held every four years, with 32 participating teams.

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“The leagues were not consulted about any of the changes presented today, especially about the new annual club competition, which we were completely unaware of and which seriously affects our competitions.”continued the text of the Spanish.

“These decisions do not take into account the competitive, sporting and economic impact on national leagues, clubs and players, further cluttering an already overloaded calendar. La Liga and others represented in the World Leagues Forum will analyze FIFA’s decisions and decide the most appropriate next steps,” the report warned.

And he continued: “The employers regret that the world soccer governing body only takes into account a small group of clubs and players, despite the fact that thousands of clubs and players that do not participate in international competitions are also affected by the changes. FIFA seems to forget it and only thinks of a few, ignoring the effect on all players in professional football.”

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“Therefore, with these measures, FIFA moves away from the objective of protecting the interests of the soccer industry, where an environment of balance between national and international soccer must be fostered for the benefit of soccer in general,” the claim concluded. representation of Spanish football. Other countries, especially in Europe, are expected to join in the coming days.

Source: Ambito

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