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The Allhaminger ÖVP has found its mayoral candidate

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Many congratulations for mayoral candidate Karl Kastner (centre) came from parliamentary group chairwoman Lisa Fuchs, state parliamentarians Wolfgang Stanek and Helena Kirchmayr, and deputy mayor Franz Schachner-Nedherer.
Image: ÖVP Allhaming
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Yesterday’s municipal party conference of the ÖVP Allhaming was all about the mayoral question. As reported, the incumbent mayor Jutta Enzinger is retiring at the end of March for “personal and professional” reasons, and the Allhamingers have to go to the polls again.

Since yesterday, Tuesday, it has been clear that the 55-year-old management consultant Karl Kastner will run for the ÖVP; he was nominated unanimously.

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“It’s about our Allhaming, so I gladly agreed to go into this election. Allhaming should continue to be a place worth living in in the future, where everyone can feel comfortable. I will be a mayor who listens to the citizens and then makes decisions,” says Kastner in a first reaction. He also succeeds Enzinger as community party chairman.

Deputy Mayor Franz Schachner-Nedherer is convinced that the party has found an “ideal candidate” in Kastner. “He learned a trade, then studied part-time, is now an entrepreneur and comes from a farm. He therefore has broad life experience, which is particularly important for such a responsible office. The ÖVP Allhaming is 100 percent behind Karl Kastner and will support him with all his might,” he says.

After Enzinger’s resignation, Schachner-Nedherer will be in charge of official business on an interim basis. There is no election date yet. Kastner is the first official candidate.

Source: Nachrichten

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