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Saturday, April 1, 2023

Comeback Blog #13: One more week…

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Soon back on the ice
Image: BWL/Reinhard Eisenbauer
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At the last check-up I got the OK from the doctors that I can put on my ice skates again exactly three months after my second operation. Since last week we have also been pushing the skating-specific muscles in Berni’s training. In addition to building strength, we incorporate some dynamic exercises to regain confidence in the stability of the knee.

I haven’t been on the ice for almost 5 months now and I can’t wait. Of course I won’t take part in team training yet. The main focus will be on controlled ice skating without braking or making tight turns. I can’t rush anything just yet, but rather concentrate on getting the feeling again.

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At the home game, I once again had the honor of commenting on the fourth playoff duel together with Markus Valant. At this point I would also like to say a big compliment to our video team. In my opinion, the work here is very professional and our fans are offered a very high quality of sound and images. If you have any suggestions for improvements to the stream, we’re always open to them.

Improvements are definitely needed after our game on Tuesday. After a very good first third and a few unused chances, a few small mistakes crept in on the defensive, which the South Tyroleans exploited coldly. These need to be analyzed now and avoided on Friday. But I am confident that Bolzano will work again.

There will definitely be a crucial game in our hall on Sunday. For this we need you all as support in the ranks to be able to defeat the Bolzano team together.

See you soon and stay healthy

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