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“We must always remember the Nazi crimes”

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Sobotka, Strauss and Herman
Image: (IKG/Greil)
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Your place, “that no one can take away from them”, the Jews of Linz have now found on small doorbell signs. They are emblazoned on shoulder-high steles that stand in those places in Linz where the victims of National Socialism used to live. There are 17 in number. Bells are reminiscent of them, they were made in the Voest training workshop and given to twelve Jewish families. “The relatives have come to Linz from all corners of the world to be present at the commemoration”, says Charlotte Herman, President of the Linz Jewish Community. National Council President Wolfgang Sobotka (VP) also received one. He had supported the project: “We must always remember the Nazi crimes, that is our task as the next generation.”

Source: Nachrichten

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