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Monday, March 27, 2023

Orsi defended Cosse for the controversial hiring of Lali Esposito

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The mayor of Canelones, a rival within the FA, supported the decision of his counterpart from Montevideo. “People deserve access to culture,” he said.

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Yamandu Orsimayor of cannellonidefended the expenditure made by the Municipality of Montevideo for the “Acá Estamos” festival where they hired the Argentine artist Lali Esposito and the Brazilian singer, Daniela Mercurysomething that the opposition criticized due to the amount of money invested.

“It is true, we have to be prudent, but citizens deserve not only that we fix the streets and that we resolve the garbage issue, but also the access to culture and those shows“, Orsi exclaimed before the press after witnessing a lunch of the Association of Marketing Managers (ADM).

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In addition, the mayor of Canelones assured that there are very large sponsors who will collaborate with the festival and that there will be a tax exemption important. “I think it’s a good thing that both the State and private companies offer citizens access to listen to those artists who otherwise cannot,” Orsi remarked, in support of his direct rival in the presidential internal of the Broad Frontthe mayor Caroline Cosse.

Faced with criticism from the Montevidean opposition, where the nationalist mayor, Javier Barrio Bovecriticized that more was spent on Lali’s show than in five years of Child Nutrition ProgramOrsi said what do you think “simpleton put it that way”. “I believe that both things are done, they should be done much better without a doubt, all of us. But there are material goods that have to be resolved and we also have to have -more after the pandemic- the possibility of accessing shows of this level, “he insisted.

How much will the show cost?

The Espósito show will cost the IM $256,478while that of Mercury, $62,387. The data was disseminated this Tuesday in a document where it is ensured that “it was omitted to record how much the total cost of the contract amounts to.” National artists will also participate in the event Augustine Morales and Soledad Ramirez, Augustine Padilla, Catherine Vergnes, Laura Canoura, Sofia Alvezand Vanessa Britos.

As detailed by the IM, the call for Espósito rests on the fact that she is a “recognized actress and singer of international renown”, as well as someone who exhibits “its social commitment to gender equality and women’s rights”. About Mercury, it was said that she is “a dedicated philanthropist” linked to children’s charities, in addition to her “strong feminist and LGBT activism”.

Source: Ambito

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