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Will these rains be enough to reverse the drought and improve drinking water reserves?

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The rainy they reached the Uruguay and generated temporary relief in almost the entire territory, although in some areas it rained more than others, but for the city of mines especially they were a relief because they allowed the growth of the river basin. stream San Franciscoa key reserve for the Potable water supply.

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Yesterday, the forecasts of the Uruguayan Institute of Meteorology (Inumet) they were fulfilled. Meanwhile in Montevideo the rain was heavy, in areas like Saint Joseph and Cologne the precipitations were few and lasted until noon.

In ArtigasFor its part, the rainfall was heavy and lasted several hours, as also happened in maldonado. The zones of tacuarembó and Leap They also registered rains, although they were not as constant and strong.

Inumet noted that between 10 and 30 millimeters were recorded in most areas of the country, although peaks of up to 50 millimeters were reached and, in some cases, 80 to 90 millimeters.

Relief also reached Minas

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The rains were also present in the city of the department of Lavalleja, which had water reserves that would last until the end of this week. The reservoir of the maggiolo dam, which belongs to the San Francisco basin, one of the city’s two water sources along with the Santa Lucía River, grew 25 centimeters. “The dam covers 50 hectares, with a volume that exceeds 800,000 cubic meters and at this moment we are less than a 10% of its capacity“, the regional manager of OSE in Lavalleja, Eduardo Liard, told Telemundo.

The manager remarked that, although it is good news, the situation is still complex and many more rains are needed to reverse the water deficit. “The dam covers 50 hectares, with a volume that exceeds 800,000 cubic meters and at this moment we are at less than 10% of its capacity,” he explained.

On the other hand, Liard remarked that it is necessary for a month of normal rains to try to reverse the situation, since it has not rained in the San Francisco stream basin for six months. However, hopes are accompanied by the Inumet forecasts that still have a yellow alert for rain that would continue until Friday.

Source: Ambito

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