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With mobilizations and strikes, the rejection of Macron’s pension reform continues

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The forceful measures of the unions of urban cleaning and energy production deepen the tension in France.

Photo: REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes.

The French President, Emmanuel Macrontook a measure without turning back: before the rejection of the House of deputiesimposed the pension system reform by decree. Although opposition legislators count votes to establish a motion of no confidence against the measure, demonstrations throughout Francewith epicenter at ParisThey put the government in check.

Macron’s decision implies a change in age required to retire, what will happen from 62 to 64 years in 2030. In addition, it will advance to 2027 the contribution requirement 43 years (and not 42 as up to now) to collect a full board. This was possible through the use of the article 49.3 of the French Constitution, which allows Congress to be bypassed on certain occasions. The government decided on this measure after the rejection of the French deputies and despite the support in the Senate.

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The protest actions deepened. before a shielded assemblythe protesters cut the Paris ring road this Friday, lit flames at strategic points in large cities, they blocked high schools and interrupted the railways that connect with Bordeaux and toulon. It is estimated that 3.5 million peoplemany of them called by the French unions, mobilized this week throughout the country, which has a 70% rejection of the modification of the retirement system according to unofficial censuses.

The official response was the police deployment, which until this Friday counted 310 detainees, 258 of them only in Paris. In the Place de la Concordethe nerve center of the demonstrations, evacuated the protesters – among whom a significant number of “yellow vests” were seen again – with water cannons and tear gas.

One of the strongest unions in the protests, the urban cleaning union, decided to stop work, causing the accumulation of 10,000 tons of garbage in the streets of Paris. The energy sector also reduced gas production to the minimum so as not to damage the machines. The company workers Electricity of France announced scheduled blackouts; while the transport union decreased its services. The French authorities recommended to the population suspend their flights for the next week.

Blockades France.jpg

Roadblocks in France.

Roadblocks in France.

Photo: Telam Agency.

After the decree, two opposition blocs presented motions of censure: one from the extreme right, headed byrMarine Le Penand another by the “independent” deputies of the LIOT. This last proposal would have the support of a party allied with Macron –Les Républicains– and the left front nupes. Even if the Le Pen group agrees to the instrument presented by the LIOT legislators, it is estimated that they would need 30 more votes to reach the 287 necessary to censor the pension reform.

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