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Mides advances in youth mental health initiatives

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The head of the Social Development portfolio, Martín Lema, announced joint lines of action with the Ministry of Public Health, aimed at mental health and addiction problems.

He Ministry of Social Development (Mides) announced the main lines of action to strengthen the work in mental healthafter the president Luis Lacalle Pou situate this issue, along with addictions, as the government’s priorities for the next Accountability.

The measures will be aimed at people living on the streets, graduates of the penitentiary system and adolescents, according to the head of the portfolio, Martin Lema, who will work together with Ministry of Public Healthrecently taken over by Karina Rando. Yesterday, the officials held a meeting for a “set-up” between the teams of both portfolios.

A focus on youth

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Likewise, Lema explained that in the campaign “Neither silence nor taboo”carried out by the National Youth Institute (INJU)more than 14,000 young people participated in 460 workshops that took place during 2022. Due to the success of this plan, it was decided that this year would be a program. “It will have much more scope and dimension,” said the minister, adding that he will be focused on youth mental health and suicide prevention.

In addition, he maintained that Mides continues to work on mental health and addictions, which affect people who regain their freedom and those who are on the streets. In this sense, he pointed out that in 2023 the government will have more than 600 places for this population, of which 365 are in centers with 24-hour response, 220 at the day door and 150 in outpatient care. “An answer is being given to something that we always insist on and have emphasized, which is addressing the causes,” he said.

A new center for single-parent families

Lema’s announcement took place after the facilities of a new center for single-parent families headed by women and dependent minors were inaugurated, in the area of Little. The center has a capacity for 20 people and the first families entered today. “In this place, they will have the corresponding containment and follow-up in each case to give that final push, for that much-needed autonomy,” the minister considered.

The headquarters includes 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, 2 multi-use spaces and a game room. In addition, it incorporates a multidisciplinary team, made up of a coordinator, psychologist, social worker and educators.

Source: Ambito

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