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Orsi affirms himself as the first candidate of the Broad Front

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He Popular Participation Movement (MPP) will formalize the mayor of Cannelloni, Yamandu Orsias a pre-candidate for the presidency of Uruguay for him Broad Front (FA) for the 2024 elections, and the internal one begins to be outlined.

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The sector led by the former president Jose Mujica performs his National Congress this weekend. There, the official announcement of support for Orsi is expected, who has resounded for several months as one of the most relevant figures in the left-wing coalition that will seek to return to power next year.

According to oops.press, Orsi’s candidacy is more than positioned. This is how the surveys mark it, which, although they have variations according to the specific moment, have been pointing it out for months as the favorite in the internal of the Broad Front. Added to this now is the official support of sectors that are beginning to line up behind the mayor of Canelones.

In that sense, last week, the Artiguista side that integrates the president of the coalition, Fernando Pereiraunanimously made official their support for the candidacy of whom they see as the Mujica’s successor; and this weekend the wing of the former president and of which Orsi is part of his national leadership will do the same.

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Already in November of last year, the former vice president and referent of the MPP, Lucia Topolanskyhad indicated the canary as his candidate, for being a colleague with a solid and proven political formation” with “many years of militancy” and that “like almost all teachers, he has ease of communication”. That, “for political transmission They are important points, not decisive, but important,” said the former senator.

This definition will be given officially between today and tomorrow when the MPP congress takes place.

The internal of the FA takes shape

With the confirmation of one of the main sectors of the Broad Front, the internal the opposing force begins to delineate. Orsi will already have the officialization of the MPP and the Artiguista Slope and, accompanied by what the surveys indicate, he is consolidated as a pre-candidate.

Another decision that will guide how the front sectors are organized will be what resolves the communist party, whose majority position is to accompany the mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cosse. But it is expected to resolve it, only between May and June.

He serene space It will also be key and will have to resolve the dilemma of whether to promote a new candidacy or choose between Orsi and Cosse. Meanwhile he Front Meeting, led by the mayor of Jump, Andres Lima, He already proposed his name to compete in the internal.

Source: Ambito

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