New Morgentau garden for the university district

New Morgentau garden for the university district
Philipp Kaufmann, Herlinde Scharf and Christian Stadler at the new Morgentau location on Kühnestrasse
Image: Morgentau/Kaufmann Group

The search was difficult, but ultimately crowned with success. Organic pioneer Christian Stadler is not the only one to be delighted that there will be a Morgentau community garden again this season in the university district.

Three areas have already been lost there since 2015: The location on Sombartstrasse and the Morgentau Campus at the JKU were most recently followed by the one on Mengerstrasse. As reported, the rededication there was controversial. Half of the area is to be a residential building project and the other half a public park.

With the area in Kühnestraße, there is now a replacement area. This has already been designated as building land, and the Kaufmann Group as the owner is also planning to build it up. When the time will come is still open – so the way is free for the gardeners for the time being.

Thanks to the Kaufmann family

“We are very grateful to the Kaufmann family for making this possible for us. It is a use that makes many people happy,” says Stadler, who spent almost two years looking for a replacement for Mengerstrasse. The hope is to be able to stay in Kühnestrasse for as long as possible.

Philipp Kaufmann, founder of the Kaufmann Group, is “heartfelt” to support the project. The added value is enormous, people are offered a great leisure activity, and at the same time they are made aware of regional food.

Herlinde Scharf is one of the future Morgentau gardeners on Kühnestrasse. The first community garden season of the Linzer in Mengerstraße in 2022 was also the last at the location. The sadness about the closure is now followed by joy about the new offer. “For me, my plot is my therapy garden. It gave me strength after a long illness and motivated me not to give up,” says Scharf, who can hardly wait to start the new season.

Plots at the Morgentau locations (in Linz, Leonding, Wels, Steyr and Graz) can be booked until March 25th, in Kühnestraße there is a longer period of April 1st (information: morgentaugaerten.at). In any case, a lot in the university quarter is reserved for the Kaufmann Group. This is not only active in the real estate but also in the catering industry. And so the harvest from Kühnestrasse is to be brought to the guest in the Beenie.all day café in Urfahr.

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