Cosse outlines his candidacy in the launch of a new current within the FA

Cosse outlines his candidacy in the launch of a new current within the FA

With Yamandu Orsi made official as a presidential candidate by the MPP, Caroline Cosse outlines his candidacy, although without giving any confirmation. This Tuesday he was at the launch of a new stream within the broad front (FA), “left and freedom”.

The act at the Seregni Footprint had the Mayor of Montevideo sitting in the front row in what was the birth of this new internal space for “ideas and action”, made up of the Socialist Party of Uruguay, the Party for the Victory of the People (PVP), Casa Grande and the Frente Amplista Change Movement.

There, the actress and director of the PVP, Gabriela Iribarren, offered a few words and recalled how these spaces allied at the time to support Cosse’s candidacy as mayor of the country’s capital. In this sense, she praised the management of the departmental head oriented towards “social justice”.

After the event, Cosse tweeted: “Congratulations on the formation of Izquierda y Libertad. A space for militancy to transform reality. We must continue.”


In addition, the hierarch reaps other supports. In the last few hours, Senator oscar andradewho at some point sounded like a pre-candidate, got out of the race and, in conversation with Radio Carvesaid it is “likely” his accompaniment to the community chief in the inmate.

Izquierda y Libertad, the new current of the Broad Front that goes against “every man for himself”

In the document released by the new formalized alliance, Izquierda y Libertad is presented as an option that tries to “place the debate on freedom and dignified life” and underpin “a society of free, equal and supportive people“.

In addition, they expressly stated that they will “openly confront economic liberalism, right-wing libertarianism, conservatism, and any conception that reduces freedom to free enterprise or the ‘every man for himself’“.

Izquierda y Libertad is also made up of various well-known personalities from politics and culture, including Mercedes Clara, Nelson Villarreal, Mirtha Guianze, Mariana Mota, Gabriel Calderón, Leonardo Pacella, Beatriz Ramírez and Ismael Fuentes.

The Socialist Party will try with this new political instrument “to put ideas on the table”, as declared by its general secretary of the Socialist Party, Gonzalo Civila. “The left implies a commitment to build new ways, not reproducing the ways of power,” she added.

“Let’s discuss, when the time comes, the electoral optionsbut those options make sense if we have a project to go to the root of the structural problems”, Civila raised in turn, although it is presumed that these sectors support an eventual Cosse candidacy.

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