Amadeus Awards: “Halo” by LUM!X is song of the year

Amadeus Awards: “Halo” by LUM!X is song of the year
Luca Michlmayr aka LUM!X
Image: ORF

"Halo" LUM!X is song of the year

Poxrucker Sisters: Female Songwriters of the Year
Image: Zoe Goldstein

“Halo” (Hail) with singer Pia Maria stood up to the jury, the audience and the songs sold against such tough competition as “The sunn and di” (Pizzera & Jaus) and “A tattoo of you” (Josh) through.

Before the ceremony, LUM!X told the OÖ Nachrichten: “It’s crazy that the Bua from Rohrbach now gets this award.” Thanks to his parents “who have had my back. You always said let him do it for once, regardless of whether it works out or not.” For the composer and DJ, who also won the Electronic/Dance category with Halo, this award is a balm for the musicians’ wounds suffered on May 10, 2022. Back then, LUM!X and Pia Maria finished third to last in the semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest.

A few days in Rohrbach

Luca Michlmayr spends the next few days in his home town before appearing as a DJ in Holland, Spain and France. On May 12, Michlmayr, whose works have already been streamed around two billion times, will present a new song that he composed in his studio in Milan.

"Halo" LUM!X is song of the year

Poxrucker Sisters: Female Songwriters of the Year
Image: Zoe Goldstein

The Poxrucker Sisters, together with Katharina Strasser, performed the song at the Volkstheater “N / A” gave to the best. The trio from the Mühlviertel won the category “Songwriter of the Year” for her contemporary, socially critical song “She”. Before the success, Stefanie Poxrucker was still cautious: “Our tactic is not to come with too high expectations and then to be all the happier when it works.” A tactic that has paid off.

On the other hand, the other Upper Austrian bands nominated in the four main categories went away empty-handed. Picture book (category album of the year with “The field is yellow”) and Folkshilfe (live act of the year). Both categories went to Wanda (album “Wanda”).

The equally modest and brilliant jazz musician Karl Ratzer received the Amadeus for his life’s work.

The results at a glance

  • song of the year “Halo” by LUM!X feat. Pia Maria
  • album of the year: “Wanda” by Wanda
  • Live act of the year: Wanda
  • Songwriter of the Year: “She” by Poxrucker Sisters; Text & composition: Magdalena, Christina and Stefanie Poxrucker
  • FM4 Award: Oskar Haag
  • pop/rock: josh
  • Alternative: Voodoo Jurgens
  • Jazz/world/blues: Shake Stew
  • Schlager/folk music: Melissa Naschenweng
  • Hip Hop/Urban: RAF Camora & Bonez MC
  • Hard & Heavy: Belphegor
  • Electronic/Dance: LUM!X feat. Pia Maria
  • Recording Studio Award Best Sound: “Something in thirty” – Lemo
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Karl Ratzer

Source: Nachrichten

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