The message of support that Moria Casán sent to Sergio Massa on his birthday

The message of support that Moria Casán sent to Sergio Massa on his birthday

The diva and mother-in-law of the official dedicated a heartfelt message to him. In her words, he included a political analysis of the current economic situation and the minister.

this friday is celebrating his birthday the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa. In this context, the diva and mother-in-law of the official, Moria Casan, gave him a sense support message on social networks.

“Dear Sergio Massa, I know your ability and fighting spirit”Casán began on his Twitter account and expressed: “I learned to know and value you in these two years that I join ‘Galma'”.

with political overtonesthe diva wrote to the minister that she knows what she is doing “hula hooping with the mixture of pathology and mediocrity of the buffoons of some sectors”. “I want to wish you a full day on this your ‘birthday,'” Moria concluded.


“Mama Mo” as Massa nicknamed the Argentine diva, is the partner of Fernando “Pato” Galmarinifather of Malena Galmarini, holder of AySA and couple from Tigrense. She was present at the Bicentennial Museum when the leader assumed the Economy portfolio.

“The chemistry we have with Galma surprised us and continues to surprise us. He looked for me, he called me, he chased me and he got me. He conquered me with his ethics, his unconditional loyalty to his ideas and that he has been my virtual history teacher. He started out in black and white, with a lot of past and was going through all the nuances until reaching the present. We are past, present updated and sublimated. Happy ending and they were happy, but they did not eat partridges, “he declared in dialogue with Channel 9 after a private wedding with the “Duck” in 2021.


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