Almost 80,000 people traveled to Argentina for the long weekend

Almost 80,000 people traveled to Argentina for the long weekend
Almost 80,000 people traveled to Argentina for the long weekend

The National Directorate of Migration reported that the majority chose to cross the bridge that connects Fray Bentos with Gualeguaychú.

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The National Directorate of Migration (DNM) He reported that 79,277 people left Uruguay for Argentina between Friday and Sunday, due to the long weekend resulting from the Labor Day holiday. According to data from the DNM, most people chose to cross the Libertador General San Martín Bridge, which connects the city of Fray Bentos with the area of ​​Puerto Unzué, close to Gualeguaychu.

Of the total of almost 80,000 people, 19,311 crossed through this bridgewhile another 18,263 for that of paysanduabout 16,223 per Leapand 12,383 people traveled on one of the ferry services that link Sacramento Colony with the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (CABA).

As for the income to the countrysome 67,671 people were registered between Friday and Sunday, where 15,587 crossed through Paysandú, some 13,977 through Salto, another 13,216 through Fray Bentos, and 10,425 by ship through Colonia.

In the breakdown by nationality of those who entered, some 45,034 were Uruguayans, most of whom were returning to the country, followed by some 11,989 Argentines5,965 Brazilians, and 539 Americans.

On Sunday, the Gualeguaychú Environmental Assemblymobilized in protest against the operation of UPM, and blocking the Fray Bentos bridge during part of the day. However, then traffic flow returned to normal with some delays, which caused some drivers to have to wait up to 4 hours in lines of 6 to 7 kilometers.

“There are many Argentines entering,” said the Minister of Tourism

Last Sunday, the Minister of Tourism, Tabare Vierahe assured in a press conference “there are many Argentines who are entering” to Uruguay. Along these lines, he recalled that, last summer, “we had many more Argentine visitors than in the pre-pandemic season“.

For the hierarch, this “means that more people are coming” to the country, and that “this is the balance that matters to us, comparing ourselves with ourselves and how many enter.”

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