Brazil orders Google to stop campaign against fake news law

Brazil orders Google to stop campaign against fake news law

He brazilian government opposed Tuesday’s campaign Google LLC vs. a bill internet regulation to suppress the fake news and ordered the US company to change a link on its search engine in Brazil.

The bill to penalize companies for not reporting false news was to be voted on in the Lower House of Congress on Tuesday, but its fate is uncertain due to resistance from conservative and evangelical lawmakers who have sided with big tech companies and against the government and its allies.

The Minister of Justice, flavio dinosaid Google had two hours after being notified to change a link in its search engine that links to material arguing against the regulatory bill. and urges readers to call their representatives to vote against it.

Google removed the link minutes after Dino warned the company that it would be fined 1 million reais ($198,000) an hour if it failed to comply.

“What we are avoiding is private, clandestine, disguised, unrecognized censorship,” he added at a news conference, saying Google was trying to restrict debate in Congress.

Bill 2630, also known as the Fake News Act, places the responsibility for finding and reporting illegal material on Internet companies, search engines and social messaging services, instead of leaving it to the courts , charging heavy fines for not doing so.

Companies would also have to pay content providers and copyrights for material posted on their sites.

Big tech companies like Google and Facebook say the bill is a recipe for disaster, that it was crafted too hastily, and that it will have the opposite effect of rewarding those who publish disinformation, as platforms will have to pay for it. the published content.

One of the authors of the bill that will report on it to Congress, congressman Orlando Silva of the Brazilian Communist Party, said the law is needed to curb fake news that has poisoned Brazilian politics and influenced elections.

Source: Ambito

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