Smoked and rushed into the police check with the car full of drugs

Smoked and rushed into the police check with the car full of drugs
The driver’s license is gone for the time being, the ads will follow.
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The 28-year-old driver from Ried im Innkreis drove his car on Subenerstrasse in St. Marienkirchen on Tuesday afternoon. There he was subjected to a driver and vehicle inspection. The officers quickly noticed an intense smell of cannabis. No wonder: After all, the Innviertel had eleven cannabis plants in his car. Although an alcohol test was negative, the rapid drug test that was carried out as a result showed a positive result. The clinical examination confirmed the impairment and revealed that the handlebars were unfit to drive.

The man’s driver’s license was provisionally confiscated. In the course of further investigations, the suspicion of regular consumption of cannabis arose. The cannabis plants found in the car were seized. During the subsequent voluntary check at the Innviertler’s registration address, various drug paraphernalia were found and seized. The driver will be reported to the BH Schärding and the public prosecutor’s office in Ried/Innkreis.

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