in Brazil they presented a project to regulate it

in Brazil they presented a project to regulate it

The advance of the Artificial intelligence is one of the concerns that is beginning to emerge in all countries of the world. This is why the Brazilian senate took action and already introduced a bill to regulate the development, implementation and use of AI.

In addition, the text is accompanied by three other projects that are already being discussed in the Congress that point to incorporate ideas and suggestions from a commission of lawyers specialized in the subject and presented a final report after 70 public hearings.

Among the points mentioned is the protection of fundamental rights, the democratic regime and the freedom of expression and choice of the peopleas well as the need to respect the rights of workers.

The project will be voted on in the context of the fears about the ethical limits and possible impacts of artificial intelligence in the job market.

If the initiative were to be approved, the implementation and use of artificial intelligence systems that may lead to “direct, indirect, illegal or abusive discrimination”through the use of sensitive data on personal characteristics such as geographic origin, race, color or ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, age, disability, religion and political opinions.

Also Government use of biometric systems must be previously approved with a normative act.

With attention to ethical precepts, the project prohibits, for example, the use of any artificial intelligence system that could induce people to behaviors considered harmful or that take advantage of the vulnerability of specific groups.

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