Especially popular: flowers and chocolate

Especially popular: flowers and chocolate
Sunday, May 14 belongs to the mothers.

According to a survey by the trade association together with the market research institute Mindtake Research, flowers (36 percent), chocolate (14 percent) and non-material gifts such as excursions (12 percent) are particularly popular.

In total, Austrians are likely to spend around 240 million euros on Mother’s Day gifts. “This means that Mother’s Day is an important sales driver, especially for the food and flower trade, but also for drugstores, perfumeries and jewelery retailers, which is needed like a bite of bread right now. For the flower trade, Mother’s Day is even the day with the highest sales, alongside Valentine’s Day throughout the year,” said Rainer Will, Managing Director of the Austrian Trade Association.

75 euros for the moms in Upper Austria

While the planned per capita spending in Lower Austria and Burgenland averages EUR 81, the most frugal donors are found in Styria and Carinthia at EUR 58. In between are Vienna with 79 euros, Upper Austria and Salzburg with 75 euros and Tyrol and Vorarlberg with 63 euros.

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