The mega offer that Messi received from Al-Hilal directed by Ramón Díaz

The mega offer that Messi received from Al-Hilal directed by Ramón Díaz

Al-Hilal of Arabia offers Messi 400 million euros for a one-year contract. In crisis with PSG, he could go to the same league as Cristiano Ronaldo.

The captain of the Argentine world champion team, Lionel Messi, was tempted by him al hilal of Saudi Arabia, which leads Ramon Diaz, with 400 million euros with a one-year contract, with the intention of playing the classic against him Al Nassr of the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, as announced by the European press.

In this context, both Messi and the paris saint germain They agree, without making it official, that the union between the two parties will end on June 30 and the future of Rosario is a mystery despite the fact that many consider his return to Barcelona almost done.

The explanation for this mega-offer is that Al-Hilal wants to incorporate Messi into its ranks to strengthen its team against Cristiano Ronaldo’s, increasing the rivalry with the club that has contracted the Portuguese and giving rise to matches that revive the duel that faced both in Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​​​indicated Mundo Deportivo.

In Al-Hilal’s offer to Messi, it is not contemplated that he will act as ambassador of the Saudi candidacy for the 2030 World Cup, to which Arabia aspires.

The decision is due to the fact that the Rosario could not promote a candidacy that was direct competition to that of Argentina-Uruguay-Paraguay who also want to host that World Cup.

However, there are no advanced negotiations for the hiring of Messi by the Saudi club, since there were no contacts with Jorge Messi, father and representative of the star, during the recent trip to Arabia since he traveled with his family and in these cases he does not mix Negotiations with family trips.

Messi has the known interest of Barcelona, ​​Inter Miami and Al-Hilal with all their petrodollars, but it is clear that the world champion’s priority is to continue in European football to prepare as much as possible for the 2024 Copa América.

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