14-year-old stabbed with knife after argument at Vienna bus stop

14-year-old stabbed with knife after argument at Vienna bus stop
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As the Vienna State Police Headquarters announced on Saturday, the suspect was temporarily arrested around 2 p.m. as part of an immediate search. The injured man received emergency medical care from the Viennese professional rescue team and was taken to a hospital.

During the search of the 14-year-old, who had fled after his crime, no weapon was found, but a small amount of narcotics, presumably hashish, was found. The teenager refused to testify during his interrogation and was taken to a prison by order of the Vienna public prosecutor.

Knife attack in Floridsdorf

Another knife attack was reported from Floridsdorf, the victim in this case was a 21-year-old who was also treated and hospitalized by the Vienna professional rescue service around 1 p.m. Here, too, the act was preceded by a dispute, the identity of the perpetrator was still unknown to the executive on Saturday.

The location of the argument was an apartment, where the “fugitive acquaintance” injured the 21-year-old with the weapon in the chest area, but there was no danger to life, the Vienna police reported. The Vienna State Criminal Police Office, northern branch, has taken over the further investigations in this case.

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