On drugs, drunk, way too fast: the police stopped traffic offenders

On drugs, drunk, way too fast: the police stopped traffic offenders
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Image: VOLKER Weihbold

Opium, morphine, alcohol: A 37-year-old from the Innviertel had all these substances when he raced through a 70-speed restriction on the B149 at 133 km/h on Friday evening. Ironically, in Schnelldorf – a town near Suben (Schärding district) – the excessive speed was measured by a traffic patrol using a laser.

It was not the only offense that the man from the Ried district was guilty of: an alcohol test showed a value of around one per thousand, a urine test was positive for opium and morphine. The doctor determined that he was unfit to drive due to alcohol, medication, addictive substances and fatigue. The driver’s license was taken away from the man and he was forbidden to continue driving. Ads to follow.

Speeders on the B127

A Mühlviertler was also much too fast on Saturday evening in the Urfahr area. Criminal police officers who were on the way from Linz to Rohrbach became aware of the traffic offender because of his conspicuous driving style. The 37-year-old had repeatedly accelerated on the B127, but could not keep up the speed due to the high volume of traffic.

Daring overtaking manoeuvre

When he reached the village of Lacken, he started a daring maneuver and overtook several cars at far too high a speed on the more than one kilometer route to Gerling. After that, the man drove at 150 km/h, as the police officers found out when driving their civilian service vehicle.

The speeder was finally stopped in St. Martin im Mühlkreis. He showed symptoms of drug impairment but refused a test. The alcohol test was negative. A doctor found the 37-year-old unfit to drive and his driver’s license was taken away from him. He is reported to the Rohrbach district authority.

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