Lady of the Rings brought the sounds of opera to Klaus

Lady of the Rings brought the sounds of opera to Klaus
Felicitas Breest conquered the hearts of the audience with her performance in the Bergkirche Klaus.
Image: Angelo Poletto

More than 90 guests accepted the invitation Robert EngstlerManaging Director of Audi Laimer, and rally icon Sigi Black to the Klaus mountain church. The two had the Hamburg opera singer and actress Felicitas Breest for a storytelling concert at this extraordinary location, which had already inspired world star Jonas Kaufmann when he performed in Klaus.

Together with pianist Chris Ziegler and narrator Silke Konfekke According to sponsor Audi, Breest as the “lady of the rings” took visitors to the opera stages of the 19th century and sang arias by legendary female figures from operatic history, such as from La Bohème, La Traviata and Joan of Arc. host Father Andrew and the entire audience loved it. For the encore, a song from the Lehár opera Giuditta, Breest organizer Sigi Schwarz came on stage, and the first part of the evening ended with standing ovations from the audience. “The first woman who led me in front of the altar,” said the host of the “Kaiserin Elisabeth” inn, where the after-show party took place, with a smile.

Besides the artists had there too George Wiesinger and Sebastian Pohn from the piano house C. Bechstein in Linz, who had laboriously delivered the grand piano for the concert to the Bergkirche, as well as numerous guests, including the mayor Rudy Mayrjoy in eating fried chicken, lively conversations and the musical accompaniment of DJ Franz Gottl until well after midnight.

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