from Cabildo Abierto they requested the resignation of OSE authorities

from Cabildo Abierto they requested the resignation of OSE authorities

The lobbying deputy Álvaro Perrone assured that a large part of Uruguayans are drinking “salt with water.”

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The deputy of Town meeting (AC), Alvaro Perronereturned to tighten the rope of relations between his party and the other members of the Multicolor Coalition after that through his Twitter account he requested the resignation of authorities of SBIin a context in which, he asserts, much of the uruguayansthey find each otherdrinking salt with water“.

The lobbying legislator said that “now the resignations for management are missing” and by “ineptitude“, alluding to the request for resignation communicated to him by the President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pou to the ex-minister of Housing and Territorial Planning (MVOT), Irene Moreiraafter the granting of a house without a raffle to a CA militant was made public.

For Perrone, the increase in salinity in the water by the state company negatively affects “those with arterial hypertension and the sick who have to diet“, as well as those who due to their economic situation”they cannot access bottled water“, while “the OSE authorities” are “the most relaxed”.

According to the deputy, the OSE is also “asleep“As regards works, such as the Arazati projectwhich was, a priori, “the great work of the overshadowed Ministry of Environment that does not even move a backhoe (backhoe) to make a ditch”.

Earlier, last Saturday, Perrone had communicated that from the CA 510 list in the department of cannelloni they expressed the “full support for what was done by Irene Moreira at the head of the MVOT“as they understand that”they acted with a transparency never seen before“, but what “It seems that this cannot be done in politics“.”This follows“, he concluded defiantly.

Gustavo Salle filed a criminal complaint against Lacalle Pou for possible “water poisoning”

The former presidential candidate Animalist Green Party, Gustave Salleexpressed last Saturday on his Twitter account that it was “criminal complaint against the President of the Republic“before a possible”poisoning” of the water.

In turn, it indicated that the complaint was also made against “the Minister of the Environment” and “the directors of OSE” for “the possible crime of poisoning provided for in article 225 of the Penal Code“.

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