After a knife attack on Flotzingerplatz: perpetrators caught in Wels

After a knife attack on Flotzingerplatz: perpetrators caught in Wels
The suspect was caught in Wels (symbol image)
Image: VOLKER Weihbold

The 21-year-old was caught in his girlfriend’s apartment in Wels last Friday afternoon, the police said on Monday. He had tried to avoid arrest by hiding next to the bed – with little success.

The young man had previously been wanted via an international arrest warrant for attempted murder. Immediately after the crime, he fled to the district of Passau. Thanks to witness statements and extensive investigations, he could now be found out.

Controversy in the drug environment

The background to the knife attack was a dispute in the drug scene. The later victim met the offender with six other young people on Easter Sunday because they wanted to buy cannabis. The 18-year-old got into an argument with the dealer.

In order to clarify this “in private”, both of them left the group. The argument escalated: The 21-year-old injured the younger man with a knife so badly that he had to be operated on in Wels Clinic – the OÖN reported in detail. The victim is now out of danger.

The perpetrator confessed

The 21-year-old Austrian was transferred to the Wels prison by order of the Wels public prosecutor’s office. During the interrogation, he made a full confession, admitting to both the knife attack and the drug dealing.

He has been reported to the public prosecutor’s office in Wels for attempted murder and the sale of around 200 grams of marijuana per month since 2018 – sometimes to minors. Six other people involved in the incident will be reported to the criminal police for the crimes of favoritism, failure to provide assistance, acquisition and possession of narcotic substances and false testimony, police said.

Localization: The crime scene right next to the Wels Clinic

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