Day center brings joy into everyday life

Day center brings joy into everyday life
Maria Prinz (left) regularly uses the day care center in Grein.
Image: OÖRK/district office Perg

For many years, Maria Prinz visited the day care center (TBZ) for older people in Perg. For a month she has been spending two days a week in the newly opened TBZ in the Grein retirement home because it means a shorter journey for the Bad Kreuznerin. She quickly settled in there.

Highly motivated support

Maria Prinz is, so to speak, a “woman from the very beginning” of the new day care center in Grein. Because she is one of the seven people who took advantage of the lovingly adapted premises of the Grein retirement home on the opening day, April 3rd. Every Monday and Wednesday, several Red Cross employees specially trained for this task accompany the day visitors. “Thanks to an intensive promotion of our offer, we had a sufficient number of guests right from the start,” says TZB manager Tanja Härtl, social worker specializing in work with the elderly (FBA).

Maria Prinz says she thought carefully about moving from the Perg day care center to Grein. “I felt very comfortable in Perg and made many friends there. Luckily, I also quickly took to the heart of the other day guests here in Grein. Tanja Härtl and her team made it easy for me to feel comfortable here from day one “, beams Prince with the first rays of spring sunshine.

As it turns out, the initial concern that too few clients would be interested in the new day care offer was unjustified. “We were able to start with seven people right from day one. But we have enough space to be able to take on a few more interested parties,” says Tanja Härtl. Anyone who is interested in visiting the new TBZ in Grein is always welcome. It is open every Monday and Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Information on visitor registrations or voluntary work can be obtained from the Red Cross team by phone on 07262 / 544 44 20, or by email:
[email protected]

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