We are going to try to make the government coalition work, said Minister Lozano

We are going to try to make the government coalition work, said Minister Lozano

The head of the Ministry of Housing and Territorial Planning was confident that his party will remain united with its partners.

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The new minister of Housing and Territorial Planning (MVOT), Raul Lozanostated at a press conference that since Town meeting (AC) going to “trying to make the government coalition work, and it works well and better“He also maintained that from his party “They plan to continue until the last dayof the current administration.

Lozano recalled that in the early days of governance, some detractors claimed that the official alliance would only last three months, however, he noted that from CA They have been in the Multicolor Coalition for more than 3 and a half years.

The head of the MVOT indicated that the President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pou He asked that the current portfolio plans “run quickly and efficiently“, an idea with which he claimed to agree “100%”, because this is “his personal priority”.

The lobbyist assured that in the meeting with Lacalle Pou they avoided talking about the controversy with the ex-minister Irene Moreiraas well as about the supposed regulations in which Moreira relied to give an award without a lottery to a CA militant, however, Lozano affirmed that the regulations should be reviewed “so that there are no gray areas, nor do the things that happened happen“.

“We all know the situation that the government received with the settlements”

Minister Lozano pointed against the broad front after remarking that “We all know the situation in which the government has received in terms of what has to do with irregular settlements“, hinting at an increase in them during the last administrations of the opposition party.

For Lozano, “the construction and delivery of homes is the fundamental priority,” and they must “continue in the most efficient and effective direction possible,” so that “the reality of housing for Uruguayans is more tangible.”

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