10,000 euros for work on the gutter: scammers caught

10,000 euros for work on the gutter: scammers caught
The Romanians are said to have raised roofing and plumbing work at extortionate prices for years. (icon picture)
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Four Romanians demanded 10,000 euros from an 86-year-old from the Vöcklabruck district – for a relatively small repair to his gutter. The quartet had offered the elderly homeowner their services on Tuesday and then demanded an exorbitantly high wage in return. As it turns out, it wasn’t the first time the men had done this.

Bank employees prevented fraud

In this specific case, the pensioner did not have the cash amount at home, which is why the scammers tricked him into a few hundred euros and jewelery such as rings and chains. The supposed craftsmen were not satisfied with that, they demanded more money. The 86-year-old went to his bank to collect the money. At the bank counter, the employee became suspicious and called the police when the pensioner told her what he needed the 10,000 euros for.

“Always treat with suspicion”

In the course of a search, the four fraudsters were caught by the St. Georgen police. According to the police, they are suspected of having been offering roofing and plumbing work to mostly older homeowners for years and then ripping them off with usurious prices. The jewelry and cash were seized. The financial police were also called in here.

The police advise always showing a certain amount of suspicion when it comes to traveling craftsmen and finding out about the prices in advance. Services that are “conspicuously disproportionate to the value” should under no circumstances be paid for. If workers demand extortionate prices, the police should be called immediately.

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