Diplomacy: Assad invited to Arab League meetings

Diplomacy: Assad invited to Arab League meetings

Saudi Arabia’s severing of diplomatic relations in 2011 was seen as a protest against the Syrian leader’s brutal crackdown on his own people. Now the relationship seems to be stabilizing.

Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad has received an invitation to the organization’s upcoming summit after his country’s readmission to the Arab League. Saudi Arabia’s King Salman invited Assad to host the May 19 meeting, state agencies in both countries reported on Wednesday. Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Jordan handed over the invitation to Assad during a visit to Damascus.

The foreign ministers of the Arab countries decided on Sunday that Syria should be included in the regional organization. They ended Assad’s years of isolation since 2011, when the Syrian government violently suppressed protests in the country. The protests in Syria developed into a civil war that has continued to this day, with more than 350,000 fatalities and 14 million refugees. The Assad government was accused of using poison gas, barrel bombs and torture against its own people.

Saudi Arabia also announced on Tuesday evening that its diplomatic mission in Syria should resume work. It remained unclear whether this was a message. The Gulf state, which is influential in the region, cut ties with Syria in 2012 and recalled its ambassador. The move was also seen as a protest against the actions of the Syrian government

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