Telekom Austria invests 600 million euros in infrastructure

Telekom Austria invests 600 million euros in infrastructure
Broadband for 200,000 households per year
Image: (dpa/J. Stratenschulte)

In 2023, Telekom Austria will invest EUR 600 million in expanding the digital infrastructure in Austria. Telekom CEO Thomas Arnoldner and A1 Austria boss Marcus Grausam informed about this in a background discussion. By the end of the year, 5G should be available nationwide and 99 percent of the population should be reached with the fifth generation of mobile communications.

According to Grausam from Upper Austria, access to high-performance broadband connections will also be expanded. 650,000 households were connected to the fiber optic network, and 200,000 households are to be added each year. “We reinvest 20 percent of our sales in digitization,” said Arnoldner.

Arnoldner calmly commented on the recent personalities of the partially state-owned, listed company. Main owner America Movil and the state holding company ÖBAG have extended their syndicate agreement until 2033. Alejandro Plater returns to the top of the group for the Mexican owners, Arnoldner moves into the second row and becomes deputy chairman of the board. He understands that the majority owner wants to appoint the CEO. “Door sign debates” are relatively irrelevant to him. “You have to decide most things together anyway,” says Arnoldner.

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