the government announced new measures for the border

the government announced new measures for the border

Seeking to combat the exchange difference with Argentina, the national government announced a series of measures aimed at border departments. In an attempt to meet the claims of the mayors of the country’s coast, the Executive power reported a package of tax reductions on fuel, incentives for formal employment, and discounts in pharmacies.

Expansion of the Border Law

The government will expand the Border Lawwhich has antecedents in the “Fontera I Law” (Law No. 19,993), of October 15, 2021. With the new extension, the government believes that the implemented measures will “potentially” reach approximately 10,000 taxpayers.

Until March 2023, 2,310 entities that contribute to the general regime and some 2,784 monotributistas had taken advantage of the benefits, for a total of 5,094 taxpayers of the Social Welfare Bank (BPS). In the case of the General Tax Directorate (DGI), until February 2023, another 1,264 taxpayers had used these benefits.

The exoneration of fixed charges of OSE and UTE will be studied

The executive power “will entrust to SBI already joint venture study the exemption of fixed charges to businesses included in the benefits of the Border Law,” according to the official statement.

40% reduction in Imesi for border service stations

There will be a greater reduction of the Internal Specific Tax (imesi) per liter of gasoline when sales have the following conditions:

  • Are carried out by service stations located within a maximum radius of 20 kilometers from land border crossings (Fray Bentos – Puerto Unzué, Paysandú – Colón, Salto – Concordia, and the border towns of Aceguá, Artigas, Bella Unión, Chuy, Río Branco, and Rivera).
  • The buyers are final consumers and the payment is made by credit card, debit, or other similar instruments.

By decree, in 2022 a reduction of up to 30% of the Imesi corresponding to the sale of gasoline had been established, in order to equate the sale price reduced in Uruguay with that of said fuels at border crossings.

In view of the change in the relative prices of gasoline in the region, The Imesi reduction will be increased to 40% in the sale priceand the evolution of gasoline sales at these points will be monitored.


Discounts in pharmacies

He Republic Bank (BROU) will incorporate into the campaignbenefits for youto the small pharmacies of the coast (this is from the departments of Artigas, Cologne, paysandu, Black river, Leapand Soriano).

This promotion, which has been carried out in stores and small supermarkets on the coast, will now include small pharmacies, with a 30% discount on purchases with a BROU Recompensa Mastercard cardon Tuesdays and Thursdays, from May 16 and until the end of August 2023.

Subsidies to companies for hiring employees

The National Employment Directorate exceptionally included people residing in the departments of Artigas, Paysandú, Río Negro, Salto, and Soriano in the Vulnerable Groups Program.

This means that when a company hires a new person based in those departmentswhich has between 15 and 29 years, either be older than 45 yearsthat belongs to a household that is below the poverty line, the company will get a subsidy, for a period of between 6 and 12 months, 60% of salary if the person is maleor of 80% if she is a woman.

The maximum amount of subsidy that companies can access is 33,789 pesos per monthfor each new person they incorporate.

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