“Comedy with crime character” at the start of the season at Theater Meggenhofen

“Comedy with crime character” at the start of the season at Theater Meggenhofen
On June 10th, the court comedy celebrates its premiere in Meggenhofen.

MEGENHOFEN. Who broke Marthe Rull’s pitcher? Heinrich von Kleist’s comedy is based on this question “The broken jar”in which village magistrate Adam must judge an injustice in which he himself was involved. “It’s sort of like a crime comedy”, says Fritz Egger, director of the Meggenhofen theatre. This will perform the theater classic from July 10th – as always on the open-air stage in the 450-year-old Kircheckerhof in Meggenhofen.

This year it’s the theater’s big in-house production, and rehearsals have been going on since May. The staging is based on the version by H.C. Artmann, who put the play into the Austrian present. As usual for the Meggenhofen theatre, Egger has added Upper Austrian local colour. “There are places in the vicinity. But we didn’t explicitly bring the piece into the present either – it’s timeless and could actually play at any time”says the artistic director.

Judge becomes Judge

A major change in the production by director Christine Wipplinger is the role of judge Walter, who “Court Councilor of Waltersberg” is played by Julia Cencig. She is known for her leading role as a commissioner in SOKO Kitzbühel. Egger himself will appear in the production in the main character of the judge, Adam.

The production has a top-class cast: for example, Peter Scholz, a member of the ensemble at the Theater in der Josefstadt, plays the writer Scholz. The Upper Austrian Miriam Fussenegger, who played at the Salzburg Festival in 2016 as a paramour in the “Anyone” was to be seen takes over the part of Eve.

As always, the setting of the farm will play an important role. “Elsewhere, you build suitable sets for a play. In Meggenhofen we select works that fit the courtyard, which we will again use in its entirety”, says Egger. Celebrated on July 10th “The broken jar” Premiere, after which it will be performed every weekend until July 9th.

The Theater Meggenhofen offers a varied program for two months, including readings by the actors Cornelius Obonya and Johann Silberschneider, a jazz matinee and the legendary band Broadlahn. Last year’s successful in-house production, the tragic comedy “India” by Josef Hader and Alfred Dorfer, starring Egger and Peter Scholz, will be resumed on July 14 and 15. The family afternoon is already a tradition, this year on June 18th. The ensemble “theater axis” brings a reinterpretation of “Little Red Riding Hood” on the stage. Egger himself celebrates with his cabaret program on June 22nd “How my beak has grown” Upper Austria premiere.

At the end of the theater summer in Meggenhofen there will be a party on July 16th. Choirs from the region are invited to present themselves musically. The highlight is a concert by “Poxrucker Sisters”.

Numerous musicians and actors await the audience in Meggenhofen from June. “We have a fantastic program, now we’re looking forward to it when it starts”says Egger.

The entire program and advance ticket sales can be found at theatermeggenhofen.at

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