Leonie Grandt is excellent

Leonie Grandt is excellent
Grandt would later like to do specialist training as a nephrologist.
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The 26-year-old prospective physician has not yet finally submitted the work entitled “Approaches to endorse clinical practice guidelines – a review of current practice and a case study” – she is still working on the fine-tuning. In terms of content, however, the master’s thesis is mature and has already been awarded the Cochrane Austria grant.

A scholarship that paved the way for Leonie Grandt to Potsdam. “I was able to use the congress to gain even more experience in my research area of ​​evidence-based medicine,” says the Hamburg native. Evidence-based medicine deals with medical care that is not based solely on opinions and agreements between patients and doctors, but on study evidence.

Grandt also got to know “new possibilities” of “how we can do our part in the climate change in the healthcare sector”. Medicine can still do a lot to combat the climate crisis, especially with regard to medical products and the manufacture of medicines. “It goes as far as the small asthma and inhalation sprays,” says Grandt. “The propellant gases also have an impact on climate development.” When it comes to other factors, doctors and patients alike have to be held accountable: it’s about the way to the hospital, but also about nutrition. “It’s a well-known fact that eating less meat benefits the climate.”

Back from Potsdam, however, she now wants to concentrate on her thesis again. The German will have fond memories of her three years of study at Kepler University, even if Corona has affected a lot. “Last year I was finally able to experience an academic year without restrictions. That’s when I noticed how enthusiastic the teachers and students were. Luckily I was able to take most of this year with me.”

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