An unlikely scenario, but one that would have enormous consequences for everyone

An unlikely scenario, but one that would have enormous consequences for everyone
The civil protection district leaders Karin Nosko and Barbara Spöck
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Panic is completely unfounded, said Christian Kloibhofer, managing director of Upper Austria since March. Civil Protection Association, yesterday at a joint appointment with the two civil protection district leaders, district governor Barbara Spöck (Steyr-Land) and Karin Nosko (Steyr-Stadt), division manager at the municipal authority: “But disasters must not hit us unprepared.” Because if you are well informed and prepared with simple means, the necessary precautions for crisis scenarios can be implemented easily. The corona pandemic and the Ukraine war have sensitized people.

Ten years ago it was still about creating awareness of what a blackout was, but now it’s about encouraging the population to take the necessary precautions. “The probability that a blackout will really occur is very low,” says Nosko, who is responsible for civil protection in Steyr, “but if it happens, the effects are enormous and affect everyone massively.” The public sector would then not be able to supply all 38,0000 inhabitants, but would have to concentrate on the situation in old people’s homes and hospitals. It is therefore important to be prepared for the worst case scenario and to stock up.

Permanent persuasion work is therefore necessary, says Spöck: “But awareness of this is growing all the time and precautions have been taken in every community for emergencies.”

An overview of the wide range of services will soon be available at the district civil protection day on Sunday, June 4th, from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. in Adlwang. In addition to a performance show by the emergency organizations, the rescue dog squadron will also be present, a helicopter from the ministry will be on site and various lectures will be held.

But civil protection and crisis prevention are more than just a blackout, for which around 2,500 people in the two districts have been trained over the past year and a half, emphasizes Kloibhofer: “There are many scenarios that can affect us – from heavy rain due to climate change to on radiation protection. But one thing is very important to us: Civil protection starts at home and affects us in every age group.”

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