The waterway with Brazil is a government priority, said Bustillo

The waterway with Brazil is a government priority, said Bustillo

The Minister of Foreign Relations highlighted the importance of the project that will unite the lagoons of Los Patos and Merín, between both countries, to promote the development of the region.

The minister of Foreign Relations, Francisco Bustilloassured that the completion of the waterway project between the ducks lagoonin Brazil, and the Merin Lagoonin Uruguay, It is a “priority for this administration” because of the great impact it will have to strengthen the region.

During the act of celebration for the 60th anniversary of the creation of the Uruguayan-Brazilian Mixed Commission for the Development of the Laguna Merín Basinthe foreign minister took the opportunity to highlight the strategic importance of the new project started with the northern country, and noted that infrastructure projects on the border are “one of the pillars” of the actions of his portfolio.

“The completion of the project for the Uruguay-Brazil waterway, which includes the Laguna de los Patos, the San Gonzalo channelthe Merín lagoon and the navigable sections of the tributaries of both lagoons, creating a navigation route of approximately 800 kilometers, constitutes a priority for the present administration”, he stressed.

In this sense, Bustillo reinforced the idea by saying that the president Luis Lacalle Pou has a “strong commitment” to the project, while the waterway “will not only reinvigorate navigation, by increasing the transport of cargo and people, but will also have an impact on regional development and will strengthen the region.”

Also the general manager for Border, Border and Maritime Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Carlos Mata, pointed out that “there is a commitment from both governments” to materialize the ambitious binational project that resumed its path after the visit of the Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva to the country in January.

“It will substantially change the entire country,” the official emphasized, noting that its impact will be “in principle, on the issue of production, which will have a new way to go out into the world, and, secondly, on the Uruguayans who are in that area and outside that area. It means more sources of work and the installation of new companies”.

When will the dredging of the waterway begin?

The undersecretary of Transportation and Public Works, Juan Jose Olaizola, announced that the dredging of the canal will begin in the spring of this year. “This seems important to us because it confirms what was said in Brasilia and is in line with the determination of the call for bids for a new bridge over the yaguaron river and the designation of the international airport of Rivera”, expressed Olaizola in relation to the official visit on March 7 where the ministers of Foreign Affairs, Francisco Bustillo; of Economy and Finance, Azucena Arbeleche; of Transport and Public Works, José Luis Falero and Olaizola himself.

This project will facilitate the interconnection of watercourses from Rio Grande do Sulin Brazil, and the departments of long hill, rock and Thirty-threenext to maldonado and Lavalleja, according to a report from the Center for the Study of Economic and Social Reality (Ceres) published in 2019.

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