River risks tomorrow in Córdoba against Talleres

River risks tomorrow in Córdoba against Talleres

The River pointer, with the spirit of having defeated Boca in the Superclásico, will assume a demanding commitment against Talleres de Córdoba, which is carrying out an outstanding campaign, in one game to be played tomorrow for date 16 of the Professional Football League (LPF ).

The match will be played at the Mario Alberto Kempes stadium this Sunday from 9:30 p.m. and an impressive frame of 57,000 spectators is expected with an audience from Talleres and also from River, who received tickets so that his fans can accompany him in “La Docta”.

The referee will be Nicolás Ramírez, the VAR will be in charge of Nazareno Arasa and the television will be on ESPN Premium.

River, leader with 37 points, still has the sweet taste of the agonizing and controversial victory against Boca at the Monumental stadium, but must now turn the page and think about a risky test against Talleres, who has 27 points.

In football there is a precept to respect and that is that you should not celebrate on account, but everything indicates that the difference that the team led by Martín Demichelis makes with the other rivals is evident, due to the quality and quantity of players, and that the LPF should be within your reach without major pitfalls.

Most of the teams, without leaving out the other “big teams”, suffer with injuries and/or suspensions since the replacements do not present the level of the starters, a situation that in River is more attenuated by the hierarchy of those who wait outside .

It is enough to refer to the “Millionaire” offensive where Lucas Beltrán and Esequiel Barco can be headlines, leaving figures of the level of the Colombian Miguel Borja (author of the goal against Boca), the Venezuelan Salomón Rondón or Matías Suárez, relegated only by his repeated injuries.

River’s goal is the Copa Libertadores, where not everything is as easy as in the LPF, having lost to The Strongest in Bolivia (1-3) and Fluminense from Brazil (1-5). He also received eight goals in three games when the LPF suffered 6 in 15.

However, River arrives with 10 undefeated matches, with nine wins and one draw and it is a norm that after winning a Superclásico they do not lose on the following date, according to their statistics in the last decade.

The match will be a good test for River, against an adversary that is one of the best in the LPF, led by Javier Gandolfi, who rejected an offer to be part of Demichelis’ coaching staff when he arrived at Nuñez.

In principle, in the “Millionaire” team there will be a doubt and it will be in the defense, between the Chilean Paulo Díaz or Emanuel Mammana.

Talleres comes from beating Racing 4-2 and has the tournament’s top scorer, the Uruguayan Michael Santos, adding to that offensive power the Colombian Diego Valoyes, in a scheme that aims to hurt the rival by attacking him on every occasion that arises .

For tomorrow Gandolfi would have some doubts: Diego Ortegoza or Alan Franco and Juan Carlos Portillo or Nicolás Pasquini.

The people from Cordoba, who because they are very offensive give liberties in defense (14 goals against in 15 matches), will try to win because of the size of their opponent and to get closer to the top, but entering an international cup is the end.

In the history they played 59 times, with a River Plate advantage with 30 wins against 16 for “La T” and 13 draws.

+ Probable formations +

Workshops: Guido Herrera; Gastón Benavídez, Matías Catalán, Lucas Suárez and Nicolás Pasquini or Juan Carlos Portillo, Diego Ortegoza or Alan Franco and Rodrigo Villagra; Diego Valoyes, Rodrigo Garro and Ramón Sosa; Michael Santos. DT: Javier Gandolfi.

River Plate: Franco Armani, Milton Casco, Paulo Díaz or Emanuel Mammana, Leandro González Pírez and Enzo Díaz; Rodrigo Aliendro, Enzo Pérez, Nicolás De la Cruz, Esequiel Barco and Ignacio Fernández; Lucas Beltran. DT: Martin Demichelis.

Referee: Nicolas Ramirez.

VAR: Nazareno Arasa.

Court: Mario Alberto Kempes, from Córdoba.

Starting time: 21:30.

TV: ESPN Premium.

Source: Ambito

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