Mother’s Day on the soccer field: “I’m proud of my mom”

Mother’s Day on the soccer field: “I’m proud of my mom”
Kremsmünster’s Vanessa Agrill spent Mother’s Day on the soccer field – with son Adrian.

Some mothers looked after their husbands or sons or helped to keep the club alive. Others stood on the lawn themselves. Such as Susanne Schuhmeier from FC Altmünster: The mother of a one-and-a-half-year-old daughter was in action herself in the 1-1 home game of the women’s national league against Kremsmünster. “I’ve often played football on Mother’s Day, it’s quite normal for me now”, said Schuhmeier, who is not only active as a soccer player, but also deals with the round leather – she is also the sporting director of the women’s team at the club from the Salzkammergut. As a token of appreciation, roses were given before kick-off on Mother’s Day.

Mama power was also required for opponents Kremsmünster: Vanessa Agrill was accompanied by her four-year-old son Adrian to yesterday’s guest appearance in Altmünster. “I am very proud that my mom plays soccer. She often takes me to the sports field and I really enjoy it. I want to be as good as her one day.”

Roses and Prosecco in Rüstorf

The ATSV Rüstorf came up with a special campaign before the home game in the 1st class south against Askö Ebensee (4:2): In the course of the tenth anniversary of the Rüstorf football kindergarten, the mothers of the young footballers were also honored with Prosecco and roses. “ATSV Rüstorf is lucky that we not only have good young players, but also very hard-working mothers who support their children with their favorite hobby. We just wanted to say thank you to them”says Rüstorf chairman Johannes Kronberger.

He started in his own family: Daughter Lisa Kronberger – also a mother – is in charge of the Rüstorf canteen. “I am very proud of her and could not imagine a better daughter.” yesterday’s 4:2 success, Rüstorf kept the title race exciting and is only one point behind leader Eberstalzell (2:0 against St. Wolfgang).

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