Real Nordkind reads at Piberstein Castle

Real Nordkind reads at Piberstein Castle
Christine Mittermayr reads from “Nordkind und Bemwind”.
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“The beautiful region here in northern Austria is sometimes rough, with its remote villages and lonely farms and houses. And so is the Bohemian wind that blows across our fields from time to time.” This is what Christine Mittermayr writes in her book, which contains autobiographical texts, deceleration tips and recipes from the family fund.

Treasure chest full of stories

The intention of this book is, on the one hand, to trigger a longing that evokes a desire for moments of deceleration and a little break. On the other hand, to arouse curiosity for the upper Mühlviertel, for the area and the people. There, where a lot is still “grådrecht” or some “net zweng and net zvü”.

Christine Mittermayr wants to do a third thing with this book: encourage readers to remember how they grew up, in which area, in which environment. Everyone carries a treasure chest of stories within them. Stories and memories that flash like jewels from time to time and are allowed to be told.

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